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DOLLYSKIRTS DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® pettiskirts, classic re-styled petticoats also known as our "Dollyskirts" offers 2 color collections: DOLLYwood : colors inspired by movie stars and style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, Shirley Temple. Queens & Fairytales shows colors from tales like the Princess and the Pea, Dorothy in the land of Dolls, Red Queen, Rapunzel and others...



BALLET, to wear Everyday! Girls love ballet and the tutu's and dance wear that comes with it! Fashion has changed and now you can wear your favorite classic tutu as casual as you like. The catwalks of Dior, Chanel and many others show all kinds of tutu's in a variety of colors. Now your DOLLY girl can wear them too. DOLLY made you the loveliest, ballet dresses, classic tutu's, romantic long tutu's, tiered tutu's, dance dresses as well as cute tutu bloomers to complement your tutu and Dollyskirt petticoat - pettiskirt. A Bubble dress for instant princess looks. A magical fairy top as a finishing touch...



Marie Antoinette DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® designed a collection inspired by Marie Antoinette, victorian style, sweet colors, chocolat, strawberries, cake..... Have a tea party or wander the palace in a beautiful Lace Tutu dress or Rose Garden dress. Have the sweetest dreams in an antique Night Gown. Party in a Rosettes Balloon skirt, Lace Trim Pettiskirt or Totally Ruffled dress. Enjoy the sun in a festive and radiant Bathing Suit... ...just dress up everyday, wear these Dolly’s and eat cake!


ATTITUDE ATTITUDE For Dolly Girls with an Attitude ‘Express Yourself’ DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® designed an exclusive, high-end couture collection with Attitude. Attitude is not just a ballet pose but also expresses your point of view, what you think and how you feel. Dress how you feel and show your attitude! The Attitude Collection are sophisticated and refined couture dresses made by an established atelier specialized in bridal and couture dresses. Each Attitude piece is carefully made by hand. Wear your DOLLY Attitude dress to show your attitude at a wedding, ceremony, party or prom, to the theatre, the movies, ballet and every other day you feel you’re in the mood to show your DOLLY Attitude!


PEARL COLLECTION Cashmere Knitwear For Pearlized and Pampered DOLLY Girls! DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® designed an exclusive, collection with luxury cashmere and merino wool accessorized with pearls. Cashmere is cool in summer and cozy in winter! Pearls make you feel pampered! The Pearl Collection is sophisticated and refined knitwear made by an established atelier specialized in the best cashmere and wool productions. Wear your luxury DOLLY Knits when you are in need of some warmth and pampering!


LA DOLLY is a high-end Prêt-à-Porter fashion collection handmade in Italy. Materials like pure silk, Italian satin printed with drawings of famous items from the Dolly collection and beautiful real Chanel Tweeds coming from the Linton Tweeds® Mills in the UK are used to create this fabulous, sophisticated and prestigious line for Dolly girls. Linton Tweeds ® is also the supplier of the house of Chanel which makes it extra special and exclusive. Each item will see lots of wearing and becomes a keepsake in an instant to treasure for years.


DOLLY & TOM SHOES Always loved those little Doll shoes you used to have for your Doll? DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® has designed those perfect shoes for your baby with that DOLLY look we all crave. All exclusive and handmade in Italy, crafted from the softest leathers, suedes, velvets and other luxury fabrics. Vintage, classic yet fashion forward styles for instant DOLLY looks. Inspired by old movies like The Red Shoes we made you Ballerina's with satin ribbons to tie around the ankle like a real ballerina in many leather colors. Smoking Slippers are the latest trend...all straight of the catwalk into your little girls and your own wardrobe... Walk a pair of DOLLY or TOM Moccasins for a comfortable yet stylish look! For Mom and Baby we have lots of matching pairs!


DOLLY DIAPER BAGS Fancy Couture and High-end Fashion? These Diaper Bags are just for you; Very Exclusive, only few go around, yet extremely irresistible. You will use your Dolly bag everyday! DOLLY & TOM Diaper Bags - by Le Petit Tom ® hand made in Italy. A diaper bag collection from Dutch design hand made in Italy complementing the popular DOLLY and TOM shoe range. Exclusive, luxury, high -end Diaper Bags and Hand bags for mothers and women who appreciate style, design, fashion and quality combined with practical needs. A DOLLY Diaper Bag for parents is an instant keepsake to enjoy taking your baby out and about and remind you of Dolly times for years to come... go choose and feel these buttery soft bags in your hands... ps. not just for mothers!